Beware of the Botnet of things

By: Kartik Chawla

How convenient is it to connect all your devices and use one from the other? But, wait, aren’t we forgetting something? The more we connect our devices to each other the more vulnerable they become to viruses and exploitation. How? Read on to find out.

Botnet of things

ROSS: World’s first AI Law Attorney

By: Vasudha Jha

With the advancement in technology, programmers have enhanced the much talked about AI systems to such an extent that now they can even help us with Law. Isn’t it thought-provoking of how much farther we can go with the AI systems present today and the ones yet to come?


This electronic cheetah-bot can help us develop more efficient robots

If you’ve seen any robot try to walk, you’ll know that they’re not very elegant. The reason is their cumbersome, inefficient gait, optimised to prevent them falling over, as opposed to being honed for speed.

By contrast, humans and animals are able to walk and run swiftly and smoothly, using the absolute minimum of energy. And roboticists want to know why. So Ph.D. student Geert Folkertsma at the University of Twente has built a robotic cheetah that he hopes can help optimise the robots of the future.

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Surface Phone- Can it revive Microsoft’s Mobile Business?

According to rumors, Microsoft is developing a Surface phone as the next product in its Surface line of products. The huge amount of speculations that are going on for the phone, it may give iPhone a run for its money.

The latest speculations suggest an Intel Lake processor, which is a laptop class processor, an almost edge-to-edge display, liquid cooling tech and appears to be sleeker than Lumia phones.

Other top-notch specs include 20MP Carl Zeiss primary camera, compass, proximity sensor, 6GB or 8GB RAM, barometer and a fingerprint scanner embedded under the phone’s display, something not seen before.

Also, it’s rumored to sport a 5.5 inch super AMOLED display.

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