Surface Phone- Can it revive Microsoft’s Mobile Business?

According to rumors, Microsoft is developing a Surface phone as the next product in its Surface line of products. The huge amount of speculations that are going on for the phone, it may give iPhone a run for its money.

The latest speculations suggest an Intel Lake processor, which is a laptop class processor, an almost edge-to-edge display, liquid cooling tech and appears to be sleeker than Lumia phones.

Other top-notch specs include 20MP Carl Zeiss primary camera, compass, proximity sensor, 6GB or 8GB RAM, barometer and a fingerprint scanner embedded under the phone’s display, something not seen before.

Also, it’s rumored to sport a 5.5 inch super AMOLED display.

But with these killer specs, would this phone be able to make a dent in the market?

It’s highly unlikely though if it runs Windows 10 Mobile. The phone may sport some really cool hardware but almost everyone is aware of the face that when it comes to software, Windows Mobile doesn’t stand a chance.

The company hoped that with Windows 10 Mobile and Project Islewood they’d be able to attract developers and gain a significant market share. Facebook ported the iOS Messenger and Instagram apps to Windows. However, it hasn’t helped much. None of the attempts of the company to attract developers are working. It has, on the contrary, removed apps from its store which hasn’t been updated for a long time, significantly decreasing its chances of having a success in the mobile market.

Also, there are rumors that it may be shipped with Windows 10 giving the phone PC-like performance. And some suggest that it’d be able to run Android apps much like what was there in BlackBerry 10.

Allowing to run Android apps in its native OS didn’t help BlackBerry, so there’s a little chance that it may help Microsoft. However, if they ship Windows 10 Mobile then the phone may be able to disrupt the market.

The phone would be marketed keeping businesses and tech enthusiasts in mind. Now that Lumia is dead, Surface may be company’s attempt at reviving its Windows Mobile line.

With the company upping the ante with each Surface launch, we may expect something really fabulous from the phone. Only time will tell whether it would prove to be a feather in Surface line’s cap or a disaster…Fingers crossed till then.



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